Why Artificial Intelligence’s Superpowers are Also AI’s Weaknesses. April 13, 2023


The movies from the Terminator to WALL-E to She depict AI as being human-like, but in fact AI uses a form of pattern fitting that is unique. It has many strengths but also important weaknesses. It is essential to understand how AI really works, to be able to understand the applications that can be successful and those applications that have a significant risk.

MIT has commissioned Caleb and Rex Briggs to publish their book, “The AI Conundrum” and this presentation is a sneak peak at their explanation of how AI works, as well as the risk framework they recommend business decision makers, government policy makers and every day citizens consider.

The presentation provides accessible explanations and case examples that will level-up your understanding of AI, and what is at stake as we move into the next wave of industrial revolution.

Speaker: Caleb Briggs

Caleb Briggs

Caleb Briggs began coding when he was 10. By 14, he was instructing dozens of adult teachers to code in Scratch, so they could carry what they learned from him into their classrooms in Reno. In high school, his math skills were beyond the curricula so he attended Harvey Mudd College and later, Stanford University to advance his skills. At the same time, Caleb attended Sage Ridge, where he wrote a variety of AI programs using genetic algorithms, computer vision and natural language models.

It was through this work, going deep into the mathematics of AI, that he recognized the weaknesses of AI. His senior thesis was entitled the Fundamental Limitations of AI, which MIT commissioned for publication. Caleb now attends Reed College, where he studies pure math and computer science.

Speaker: Rex Briggs

Rex Briggs

Rex Briggs is an award-winning marketing researcher and data scientist. Rex has been working with machine learning and neural networks for nearly 30 years. Rex was the first director of research for WIRED, and a pioneer in digital measurement and AI with five patents.

The Market Research Council named Rex as the 2022 Change Maker for his work with the Ad Council on applying AI. He is co-author of What Sticks (2006), a book that has been required reading at Wharton, Harvard, and other leading universities.

He is also author of SIRFs Up, How Software and Algorithms Are Changing Marketing (2012). Rex is a board member at Cal Poly, SLO, College of Business Analytics’ program, and a business founder that successfully exited his AI business, Marketing Evolution, in 2019. He now enjoys mentoring growth stage companies on how to scale their business.