Immigration and Freedom. February 9, 2023


Do immigrants value economic freedom?   What countries do immigrants find more attractive?  When countries receive immigrants, do their economic freedom scores improve or decline? Alex Padilla will discuss these questions and more.

In particular, since pre-revolutionary times, a primary immigration concern has been that the cultural and institutional beliefs immigrants bring with them will change the institutions and beliefs of the receiving country in a negative way.

Professor Padilla will provide some insight into this issue based upon research he had done.  Ultimately, he will explain why, once we understand why immigrants typically move, we should expect immigrants to be guardians of our liberty and sovereignty.

Speaker: Alexandre Padilla

Alex PadillaAlex Padilla is a Professor of Economics, Department Chair, and Director of the Exploring Economic Freedom Project at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Professor Padilla’s research has focused on immigration.  In collaboration with Nicolas Cachanosky, Alex Padilla has published a number of papers on immigrants’ institutional impact in the United States.  This work primarily indicates immigrants do not have a significant impact on the quality of economic institutions and policies in U.S. states.   Their most recent publication examines immigration in Argentina.  Contrary to popular narratives, they find mass immigration to Argentina does not explain the rise to power of the iconic Argentine populist leader Juan Perón in the mid-20th century.

Alex Padilla has been a significant contributor to the Mises Institute blog , with articles on immigration, law and economics, regulation and more.

Alex Padilla holds a bachelor, a master, and a doctorate in Economics from the University of Law, Economics, and Sciences of Aix-Marseille III in France.