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Five Myths About Government, And How Busting Them Can Make Our Governments Better. March 9, 2023

Topic While political philosophy have been debating for over 2500 years, they are still seeking  answers to basic questions.  How [...]

Immigration and Freedom. February 9, 2023

Topic Do immigrants value economic freedom?   What countries do immigrants find more attractive?  When countries receive immigrants, do their economic [...]

The Financial Condition of our Cities: Why we Should be Concerned and What we Should do in Response. January 12, 2023

Topic What is the financial condition of cities across the country as they emerge from the pandemic? How prepared are [...]

Charitable Giving: Why no good deed goes unpunished. December 8, 2022

Topic Charitable giving is a strong American value. Philanthropy supports virtually every level of public service—health care, education, the arts; [...]

Experiencing the Human Impact of Russian Aggression. November 10, 2022

Topic Russia’s aggression against its smaller neighbor has had real effects on real people.  Vladimir Putin's war on Ukraine may well have [...]

Freedom Mixer: Come and Meet the Others in the Room. October 13, 2022

Topic The Hayek Group has met for years, but it has never had an event where the purpose is for [...]