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Event: Celebrating the Hayek Group and Meeting Others in the Room. November 9, 2023

PURCHASE DINNER TICKETS Book Now The typical Hayek Group dinner features an interesting speaker, with the goal of informing, challenging, [...]


Topic Educational achievement data suggest that the United States is very much a nation-at-risk. Nationally, less than half of fourth-grade [...]

When Race Trumps Merit: How the Pursuit of Equity Sacrifices Excellence, Destroys Beauty, and Threatens Lives. September 7, 2023

Topic To what extent is America racist?  After the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, prestigious American institutions, from the [...]

Advancing Freedom Through the Arts. August 8, 2023

Topic When you think of what "the arts" are providing our society today, do you think the arts advance liberty?    [...]

Marketing is Everything. June 8, 2023

Topic Marketing is the process by which businesses and non-profits communicate with their target audience and persuade them to take [...]

Freedom’s Furies: How Isabel Paterson, Rose Wilder Lane, and Ayn Rand Found Liberty in an Age of Darkness. May 11, 2023

Topic Timothy Sandefur's new book, 'Freedom's Furies' charts the friendships between three remarkable American women who in 1943 published books [...]

Why Artificial Intelligence’s Superpowers are Also AI’s Weaknesses. April 13, 2023

Topic The movies from the Terminator to WALL-E to She depict AI as being human-like, but in fact AI uses [...]

Five Myths About Government, And How Busting Them Can Make Our Governments Better. March 9, 2023

Topic While political philosophy have been debating for over 2500 years, they are still seeking  answers to basic questions.  How [...]

Immigration and Freedom. February 9, 2023

Topic Do immigrants value economic freedom?   What countries do immigrants find more attractive?  When countries receive immigrants, do their economic [...]

The Financial Condition of our Cities: Why we Should be Concerned and What we Should do in Response. January 12, 2023

Topic What is the financial condition of cities across the country as they emerge from the pandemic? How prepared are [...]

Charitable Giving: Why no good deed goes unpunished. December 8, 2022

Topic Charitable giving is a strong American value. Philanthropy supports virtually every level of public service—health care, education, the arts; [...]

Experiencing the Human Impact of Russian Aggression. November 10, 2022

Topic Russia’s aggression against its smaller neighbor has had real effects on real people.  Vladimir Putin's war on Ukraine may well have [...]

Freedom Mixer: Come and Meet the Others in the Room. October 13, 2022

Topic The Hayek Group has met for years, but it has never had an event where the purpose is for [...]

Our Community, Our University, Our College of Business: Where are we and Where are we Headed? September 8th, 2022

Topic The College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno has long been an asset to Northern Nevada.  During [...]

Inflation: Myths and Realities. August 18, 2022

Topic Inflation has hit with a vengeance not seen since the late 1970s and early 1980s.  What are its causes?  [...]

How Applying Hayekian Economics enabled the Countries of Eastern Europe to go from Socialist Hell to Free Market Heaven. July 14, 2022

Topic Three decades ago the countries of Eastern Europe escaped from the control of Soviet Union.  The transitions were largely [...]

What “Tricks” Can We Learn From the Development of TRIC that Can Facilitate Economic Development more Generally?  June 14, 2022

Topic Do you know the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center (TRIC) story of economic development? It is one of the most [...]

The Tragic Double Murder of Privacy and Customer Service. May 12, 2022

Topic Do you recall your second visit to Amazon? Were you pleasantly surprised when the “merchant” remembered you, and greeted [...]

Etiquette and Economics. April 14, 2022

Topic Etiquette is always a matter of individual choice.  Ultimately, only the individual can strive for self-command and self-respect.  In [...]

The Economics of Freedom, Current Economic Issues, and Some Economic Strategies for the Future. March 10, 2022

Topic Unfortunately, Stanford Economist and Hoover Instutution Fellow John Tayor had to cancel his visit to Northern Nevada and our [...]

The Psychology of Money. February 10, 2022

Topic Would you like to explore your relationship with money? Come learn how to turn financial stress into financial strength. […]

Trucking: The Essential Link in our Supply Chain. January 13, 2022

Topic For more than 100 years the trucking industry has been moving America. From the invention of the diesel engine, […]

Why Entrepreneurs, not Bureaucrats, Drive Innovation. December 16, 2021

Topic Private enterprise has long been recognized as the driver of innovation, economic growth, and improvements in the quality of […]

Hayek Group Economic Forum. November 11, 2021

Topic We live in interesting economic times. Having experienced exceptional economic policy responses to the 2008-2009 Great Recession, we have […]

Private Money, Public Money, and Payments in the 21st Century. October 14, 2021

Topic Money and payments matter, but most people take them for granted. Some had predicted that Bitcoin would upend fiat […]

Nevada: Its Problems and its Opportunities. September 9, 2021

Topic What are the most significant problems Nevada currently faces, and what opportunities exist? Joey Gilbert has identified election integrity, […]

Law Enforcement in Northern Nevada: Crime Trends and Efforts to Enhance Public Safety. August 12, 2021

Topic What trends are influencing law enforcement practices in Northern Nevada?  Come listen to District Attorney Christopher Hicks and his […]

Homelessness in Northern Nevada. July 8, 2021

Topic Homelessness has become endemic nationwide, and it is a growing problem in Northern Nevada.   What drives homelessness in Northern […]

Business in Northern Nevada: How are We doing Coming out of Covid? June 10, 2021

Topic How are businesses in Northern Nevada doing as Nevada and the nation come out of the Corona Virus Pandemic?  […]

The Constitution on Campus. May 13, 2021

Topic We live in an era where convictions of faith, and increasingly secular ideas that do not conform to particular […]

Is Today’s K-12 Classroom a “Progressive” Training Ground? April 8, 2021

Topic In her talk, Karen England will share evidence that activist special interest groups have infiltrated K-12 classrooms to promote […]

John Dobra and Corrado De Gasperis will take you on a gold journey, from ancient times to present.  July 25, 2020

Topic In the spacious and historic Piper Opera House.  John Dobra and Corrado De Gasperis will take you on a […]

The Future of Fossil Fuels in an Anti-Carbon World. March 10, 2020

Topic Fossil fuels (oil, natural gas and coal) were the primary source for 87% of the energy consumed worldwide in […]

Fake News, Nattering Nabobs, and the Free Press: Why Does Everyone Hate the Media? February 11, 2020

Topic Journalism was so important to the nation’s founders that they enshrined press freedom in the First Amendment. However, according […]

Cybercrime, Dangerous Airplanes, and Mistaken Medical Records: An Evening with a Digital Forensic Analyst. January 14, 2020

Topic Each day, the headlines bring news of loss and injury caused by digital fraud, system malfunctions, and data mismanagement. […]

The Realities of Single Payer Health Care. November 12, 2019

Topic Senator Bernie Sanders and representative Pramila Jayapal have introduced congressional bills which, if passed, would establish a single payer […]

The Hayek Group Freedom and Prosperity Gala

The Gala: Why Celebrate? While we may not be as free as Friedrich Hayek wanted us to be, the freedom […]

Character Counts. September 10, 2019

Topic Character plays a fundamental role in both our personal and professional development.  Tom Wright will engage the Hayek audience […]

The Persuasion Code: How to Persuade Others by Knowing How the Brain Works. August 13, 2019

Topic While technology has evolved quickly, our brain has not.  We are still wired to make decisions at a primal […]

Nevada’s Clean Energy Opportunity: Recycling Spent Nuclear Fuel. July 9, 2019

Topic As motor vehicles increasingly electrify and the desire for clean energy sources are increasingly expressed, the demand for more […]

The 2019 Nevada Legislative Session: Its Impact on Nevada’s Future. June 11, 2019

Topic With the Nevada Assembly, Nevada Senate, and Nevada Governorship all held by one political party, many new laws have […]

California Needs a Wall—Just not the Kind You Think. May 14, 2019

Topic Historically, people have built walls to protect the things they value from potential threats. In the modern era, we’ve […]

Eugenics — The mostly unknown and untold story of scientific racism. April 9, 2019

Dr. Tom Cargill Presentation to Reno Hayek Group, April 9, 2019 “Eugenics – The mostly unknown and untold story of […]

Why the Worst Get on Top: A Talk to Celebrate the 75 Anniversary of Friedrich Hayek’s book, “The Road to Serfdom.” March 12, 2019

Topic The Road to Serfdom was published 75 years ago this year. It was a tremendously influential book. In his […]

Ty Cobb: Get out…and Get In: In Search of a Coherent Foreign Policy. February 12, 2019

Topic President Trump has stated his intention to remove U.S. troops from Syria. Further, the Trump administration has vowed to […]

Mike Clark: What would the proposed change to Nevada’s property tax mean for you and for Nevada? January 8th, 2019

Senate Joint Resolution 14 (SJR14) is a proposed amendment to the NV constitution which could be the largest property tax […]

John Tsarpalas and Daniel Honchariw: Sleeping with Tesla. November 13th, 2018

The Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI) applies free market ideas to Nevada’s problems.   NPRI President John Tsarpalas and Senior Policy Analyst […]

Susanne Martin: What have we learned about Terrorism since 9-11

The attacks on September 11, 2001, marked a turning point in Americans’ experience with terrorism.  The attacks differed from previous […]

The Candy Factory Tour

  For our November 2017 meeting, Joe Dutra, President of Kimmie Candy treated members of The Hayek Group to a […]

Jeff Jones: Make Work Cool Again — Why our Education System is Failing

Currently, we have a K-12 educational system that emphasizes preparation for college, sending the message that getting a college degree […]