Take Action

You can take action to support the Hayek group as presented below

The Hayek Group Membership:
$100 One year membership

For this calendar year, we are asking all who value the mission of the Hayek group to pay for a Hayek group membership. All (100%) of these membership funds will be used to provide quality Hayek group monthly dinner meetings. Most of the funds will be used to support travel costs, so quality speakers from outside Northern Nevada can give talks at dinner meetings. Some funds will also be used to provide dinner scholarships to young people. This membership donation is tax deductible.

Ambassador Initiative:
$2500 One time Donation

The primary way you can support the mission of the Hayek group in a more significant way is by becoming an Ambassador. Ambassador donations are used to bring in a special speaker, support K-12 financial literacy, or fund the new Hobnobber program which provides college aged youth with Hayekian Education and personal financial training. There is no overhead taken out of your donation.