The purpose of The Hayek Group Blog is to enhance public discourse by educating people on societal issues.

Hayek Group blogs will inform by focusing on social science. Science can be described as a process of fact collecting (i.e., making and recording observations regarding what is “true” about our world) and developing theories (i.e., presenting explanations of what we observe or explanations of how we believe the world works). We should all agree there ought not be democrat science separate from republican science; rather, there should just be science. Thus, by focusing on the science, Hayek Group blogs will not be political or partisan.

However, even if two people agree on the science, the two may disagree on policy because they have differing values or priorities. Political differences may be related to differences on social science, but they most typically arise because of differing values or priorities. That is, to take a position on policy, one must normally place one value over others or one set of priorities over other sets. Because The Hayek Group is not a political organization aimed at changing either your values or priorities, Hayek Group blogs will not take positions on policies.

What the Hayek Group Blog will do is allow registered users to comment on the blogs. It is expected that those commenting will express policy preferences and discuss different policies related to the blog post. Policy commentary is just fine. However, there is also a desire to use comments to edit and improve the blogs. In a comment, a participant may identify available facts not included in a given blog, or indicate an idea about how the world works that is not included. Our hope is that, over time, The Hayek Group Blog will be a place you and others will want to go for an unbiased, brief but also relatively complete presentation of the available social science on an issue.

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