Homelessness in Northern Nevada. July 8, 2021


Homelessness has become endemic nationwide, and it is a growing problem in Northern Nevada.   What drives homelessness in Northern Nevada, and what are Northern Nevada local governments doing about it?  As a commissioner on the Community Homelessness Advisory Board, made up of two elected officials from each jurisdiction in the region, Krisopher Dahir has inside information to share.  His participation in Northern Nevada governance has also given him insights on water issues, the Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza being built at the Sparks Marina, and the role the Nevada League of Cities can play in improving Nevada governance.  After focusing on homelessness, Kristopher will also share some insights in these other areas.

Kristopher Dahir

Kristopher DahirSince 2016, Kristopher Dahir has served on the Sparks City Council.  This position has led to his involvement in a variety of issues impacting Northern Nevada.  His role as commissioner on the Community Homelessness Advisory Board has given him good insight into the homelessness problem in Northern Nevada.  He is vice chair of the Truckee Meadows Water Authority, providing insight into Northern Nevada water issues.  His role as chaplin for the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home and president of the Nevada Veterans Memorial Board provide him insight into veterans affairs.  He also serves as president of the Sparks Centennial Rotary Club.

Mr. Dahir holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and masters in strategic leadership.  Most of his career has concentrated on helping non-profits and businesses run more effectively.  He has traveled to over 40 countries, training leaders in the areas of practical and principled leadership. He has served as a pastor since his bible college days.

He has been married to his wife Melissa for 27 years, and they have two grown sons, Adam and Noah.

Kristopher has declared himself a candidate for Nevada Secretary of State for the 2022 election.