Celebrating the Hayek Group and Meeting Others in the Room. November 9, 2023

The typical Hayek Group dinner features an interesting speaker, with the goal of informing, challenging, and developing those who attend.  However, at each dinner, there is a room full of interesting people with interesting backgrounds that you never get opportunity to meet.  A primary purpose of this special November dinner meeting is to give you opportunity to meet others in the room.

In addition, The Hayek Group has much to celebrate in 2023, and much to look forward to in 2024.  In lieu of a December holiday dinner, this dinner will celebrate Hayek Group 2023 accomplishments and highlight a few plans for 2024.

One new element for 2023 has been the Hayek Group Hobnobber program, which provides development opportunities for college aged young people.  This special November dinner will feature the Hobnobber program participants and the development activities they have pursued.

Our members in 2023 have made a significant difference for The Hayek Group.  We want to appreciate our members at this dinner, so if you are a member we hope you can attend!

The evening will be a fun and encouraging time of activities designed to help you get to know others you have not met, interspersed with short Hobnobber highlights, member appreciations, celebrations of 2023 Hayek Group accomplishments, and previews of 2024 Hayek Group plans.

Look forward to having you join us!