Fake News, Nattering Nabobs, and the Free Press: Why Does Everyone Hate the Media? February 11, 2020


Journalism was so important to the nation’s founders that they enshrined press freedom in the First Amendment. However, according to a 2019 Gallup poll, most Americans say they’ve lost faith in news reporting. Why do bias and bad reporting arise? What are truths and what are myths about the business of producing news? Come to this Hayek Group dinner meeting and get inside the business answers to these questions.

Samantha Stone

Samantha StoneJournalist Samantha Stone has covered three presidential elections, three mid-term elections, and five Nevada legislative sessions. She’s been a reporter for CBS Radio in Las Vegas, PBS Vegas, and KOH Radio in Reno.  Sam was working a daily news beat when she observed journalism falling off the pedestal upon which it had traditionally been placed.  Recently, she’s dubbed herself “Plan B,” as she fills the role of backup host for Dan Mason’s talk Show on KOH. For fun, Sam publishes Grape Basin News, the Journal of Nevada Wine Producers.