Your Money and Our Changing World:  What are Some Key things to Know?  January 11, 2024

Speaker: Peter C. Earle

Peter C. Earle

Peter C. Earle is a senior economist at the American Institute for Economics Research (AIER). His research focuses on financial markets, monetary policy, macroeconomic forecasting, and problems in economic measurement. He has written and edited seven books and been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Barron’s, Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, NPR, and in numerous other media outlets and publications.   Prior to joining AIER in 2018, Dr. Earle spent over 20 years as a trader and analyst at a number of securities firms and hedge funds in the New York metropolitan area as well as engaging in extensive consulting within the cryptocurrency and gaming sectors.

Peter holds a PhD in Economics from l’Universite d’Angers, an MA in Applied Economics from American University, an MBA (Finance), and a BS in Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point.


Is the dollar in danger of being replaced as the international reserve currency?

How are developments in cryptocurrencies, Russia-Ukraine conflict responses, Chinese political moves, and Federal Reserve policies impacting possible de-dollarization?

How might ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) frameworks impact you as your seek to earn a rate of return on the dollars you save?

This talk by Pete Earle, senior economist at AIER, will inform you about a variety of current issues impacting money, investing, and the changing economic landscape.