The Tragic Double Murder of Privacy and Customer Service. May 12, 2022


Do you recall your second visit to Amazon? Were you pleasantly surprised when the “merchant” remembered you, and greeted you by name? Seemed like a nice touch, but that personal greeting was the death knell for customer service.  Everyone understands now that the internet murdered privacy. But we’re still figuring out how digital transactions killed customer service.

  • How did the quest for personal information choke off customer service?
  • What’s your leverage when data from your smartphone is more valuable than your money?
  • Could a “data glut” make personal information less valuable?
  • Why are consumer choices narrowing, when you have access to almost anything in the world?
  • Will choice be next to die?
  • What’s the fate of the human-to-human transaction?

Come to this Hayek Group Dinner and hear these questions address, and more!

Speaker: Samantha Stone, Journalist and Commentator

Samantha Stone

Samantha Stone is a journalist and commentator. Sam was among the first in mainstream media to develop an independent news beat covering cybercrime and privacy. This, while her day job was general assignment news – from presidential elections to kidnappings and car crashes. She worked for broadcast news companies including ABC-Disney, CBS, and PBS. She’s been published in the Las Vegas Review Journal, the Reno Gazette Journal, the San Francisco Examiner, and SF Weekly. You can catch her occasionally on KOH in Reno, where she fills in for talk host Dan Mason.