Freedom Mixer: Come and Meet the Others in the Room. October 13, 2022


The Hayek Group has met for years, but it has never had an event where the purpose is for those who attend to meet the other people in the room.  This October dinner meeting is such a meeting.  A few Hayek Board members and a few who have attended many previous meetings have a sense of all the interesting and accomplished people who attend The Hayek Group dinner meetings.  By attending this meeting, you will have opportunity to meet a variety of interesting and accomplished people.  A variety of planned activities will facilitate your ability to meet and get to know many others.

The Mission of The Hayek Group is to “promote freedom and prosperity.”   The talks of most dinner speakers support this mission in some way.  At this October dinner meeting, between meet and greet activities, a few Hayek Group members will give short, 4 minute, talks on freedom, either commenting on why we should value it or why we should be concerned about how it is being mistreated today.  You should leave this dinner meeting feeling good about the fact that there are many others who value freedom as much as you do, and there will likely be ideas in these talks that you have not thought much about!