Politics and Markets:  Is the Fix In? June 13, 2024

Speaker: Stephen Soukup

Steve Soukup

Steve Soukup is the Vice President and Publisher of The Political Forum, an “independent research provider” that delivers research and consulting services to the institutional investment community, with an emphasis on economic, social, political, and geopolitical events that are likely to have an impact on the financial markets in the United States and abroad.

Steve is also the CEO and Director of The Political Forum Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting community among the investment community and all those interested in the intersection of politics and markets, as well as the preservation of free and fair capital markets.

Since June 2023, Steve has been a senior fellow at Consumers Research, “America’s Oldest Consumer Protection Agency,” which has taken up the challenge of defending markets, investors, and consumers from top-down and government efforts to manipulate financial services to achieve political ends.  He is also a columnist for American Greatness.

Steve is the author of The Dictatorship of Woke Capital, published by Encounter Books in February 2021 and named one of The Wall Street Journal’s Top 5 books about politics for that year.  The Journal called it, “an exceptionally useful presentation of the intellectual origins and present-day lunacies of woke capitalism.”

Steve’s work has appeared in National Review Online, The New York Post, The Spectator, The Hill, The Federalist, Real Clear Politics, and Newsweek, among others.


Slowly but surely, over the last half century, both American politics and American finance have become corrupted – largely by one another.  Finance has corrupted politics, while politics has corrupted everything, markets and finance included.  Both have been corrupted by “bigness.”

Although it is still possible for “the little guy” to make it in politics and to make a few bucks in the markets, both fields have generally succumbed to the modern state’s penchant to bowdlerize the small, local, and community-based, in favor of the massive and well-connected.  Big Government and Big Finance dominate our politics and our economy, as well as the institutions necessary for their creation and preservation.

Nearly three-quarters of a century ago, Russell Kirk warned that the destruction of “community” would be the undoing of the West’s long love affair with freedom, justice, and equality under the law.  Just under fifteen years ago, Angelo Codevilla and Charles Murray – with their examinations of the contrasts between the Ruling Class and the Country Class and Belmont and Fishtown, respectively – essentially confirmed Kirk’s predictions.

In many ways, the fix is in.  Or to paraphrase George Carlin: The world’s run by a big club, and we’re not in it.

Stephen Soukup is an expert on capital markets and consumer protection.  Come learn from him about how changes in politics and markets are changing capital markets and consumer protection.