Harnessing Market Forces to Improve Health Care. May 9, 2024

Speaker: Jeanne Wendel

Jeanne Wendel is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Economics at UNR, where she published papers and taught classes on Health Economics and the Economics of Government Regulation.

In the early 1990s, Renown (then Washoe Medical Center) bought half of her time from the UNR College of Business.  She was a member of the team that created and implemented a new quality improvement program based on the Total Quality Management (TQM) model, and she helped quality improvement teams use data to support improvement project designs.

More recently, she collaborated with colleagues to analyze questions posed by Nevada Medicaid, investigate factors that affect premiums for Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange plans, and examine the availability of Long Term Services and Supports in Nevada.

Jeanne now also enjoys spending a few days each month babysitting for young grandsons.


Emerging technologies, cost pressures and increasing recognition of the health impacts of social factors and individual behaviors could potentially spark dramatic changes in the ways we care for our health.

While the healthcare industry has been evolving, the pace of change has been slow relative to revolutionary changes that have occurred in other industries.

Because Medicare is a major payer for healthcare services, it has significant impacts on healthcare industry structure and practices.  In recognition of the importance of developing new strategies to address cost, quality and access issues, Medicare has implemented several programs to designed to harness the power of market forces.

Jeanne Wendel will examine the emerging roles of government and markets, and assess likely impacts on healthcare industry trends.