The Hayek Group Freedom and Prosperity Gala

The Gala: Why Celebrate?

While we may not be as free as Friedrich Hayek wanted us to be, the freedom we do enjoy is still substantial and is still generating significant prosperity. Our monthly Hayek Group dinners inform Hayek Group members and guests about timely topics, with an emphasis on promoting freedom and prosperity. Our Hayek Group financial literacy outreach is now improving the lives of thousands of Northern Nevada Youth each year.  It is proper to pause, take note of these blessings, and celebrate.

Fun at the Gala

The fee you pay for the Gala helps us raise some funds, but it also pays for a very nice dinner and some fine wines.  Come to the Gala and enjoy this great time.

A number of teachers, students, and administrators will be invited to the Gala, and they will share their experiences with the Ramsey financial literacy curriculum.  You will find that the Ramsey curriculum is not just information, but it also emphasizes behavioral modification.  Knowing you should save and doing it are two different things, for example.  You will be amazed to hear the impact the generosity of Hayek Group donors are having in the lives of individual students and their families.

There will be a special surprise related to the desserts offered at the Gala.  You will have to come to experience this fun surprise.

Some Specifics to Celebrate

Since last year at this time, The Hayek Group has raised about $180,000 to place the Dave Ramsey Foundations in Personal Finance Curriculum in Northern Nevada high schools.  Most significantly, the generosity of Hayek donors has provided a 7 year site license that allows ALL STUDENTS in ALL GRADES in ALL 16 Washoe County School District (WCSD) high schools to have access to this quality financial literacy curriculum.  If fully implemented by the school district to just seniors, then 5,000 students per year in WCSD will become more financially literate.  Hayek Group funding has also financed the Ramsey Curriculum in individual classes in 13 other Northern Nevada high schools.  How cool is that?  Much to celebrate.

The new Hayek Group membership program has provided funding to bring in quality speakers from outside Northern Nevada.  Roger Butters from Hillsdale College to speak in May, who effectively explained why freedom does generate prosperity.  The membership program will fund the November Hayek Group talk by Sally Pipes from the Pacific Research Institute, who will provide insight into what will work and what will not work when it comes to altering the U.S. health care system.    We should celebrate the voluntary collaboration of members that is improving the quality of our Hayek Group monthly dinner meetings.

Looking to the Future

Having provided the quality Ramsey financial literacy curriculum for the thousands of youth attend WCSD high schools, a next step for our Hayek Group will be to fund raise for other Northern Nevada high schools that desire a 7 year site license.  Pershing High is one high school that has committed to using the Ramsey curriculum, and we need to raise $7,000 to provide a 7 year site license for Pershing High.  Additional high schools can be served in this manner with additional funds we raise.

We also look forward to extending the Hayek Group membership program.  If you are not already a member, your $100 membership donation will be entirely used to enhance the monthly dinner meetings.  The primary use of these membership funds will be to fund travel costs and necessary honorariums for outside speakers.  A secondary use will be to fund scholarships to the monthly dinner meetings for high school and college aged young people.

Your attendance and generosity at the Oct 12 Gala will help us brighten the future.  Join us in the Hayek Group mission of “promoting freedom and prosperity through education.”