Cybercrime, Dangerous Airplanes, and Mistaken Medical Records: An Evening with a Digital Forensic Analyst. January 14, 2020


Each day, the headlines bring news of loss and injury caused by digital fraud, system malfunctions, and data mismanagement. Ira Victor’s job is figuring out what went wrong. His days are consumed with badly designed medical records systems and other technology that invites chaos, fraud, and failure. Ira will share stories with names changed to protect the innocent, and offer a few tips for protecting yourself and your business.

Ira Victor

Ira VictorIra Victor is a Nevadan who’s spent more than two decades as a digital forensic analyst. He’s an expert witness and litigation consultant.

He’s been a first responder to bank fraud, title fraud, wrongful death investigations, ransomware attacks, revenge porn fights, and other digital emergencies.

He’s the principal at Discovery Technician, a branch of Privacy Technician, Inc., a Nevada corporation. Learn more