Jeff Jones: Make Work Cool Again — Why our Education System is Failing

Currently, we have a K-12 educational system that emphasizes preparation for college, sending the message that getting a college degree is the only path to success in the modern economy. Jeff Jones will explain why our educational system has increasingly failed our youth and our society as it has increasingly emphasized college and de-emphasized working in a skilled trade or profession. Jeff will explain why Mike Rowe was correct when Mike claimed that “The Way to Make America Great Again is to Make Work Cool Again.”

In 1983, Jeff Jones graduated with a degree in Social Science from San Jose St. University and obtained a high school teaching endorsement. However, given teacher layoffs during the recession at that time, Jeff went to work for his father and uncle in construction. In 1985, Jeff started his first Bay Area company, a painting contracting business. He developed that into a general engineering and general contracting business by 1993. In 2000, Jeff and family (wife and two daughters) moved to Reno, where he started a new construction company. In 2011, Jeff left the construction industry for high school teaching and coaching. He presently teaches metal working at Galena High School under the Washoe County School District Career and Technical Education umbrella.